When we open websites like Netflix we feel that can we create this kind of website with video content? The answer is yes. Here is the detailed procedure for you to make a website like Netflix.

How to make a website like Netflix

How to make a website like Netflix?

1. Choosing the Domain

Before you want to make a website like Netflix you should have a Domain name for your website.

A domain name is a web address that people search for in Google.

When people search for the name that you give to your domain, you will get the result of your website in the form of www.example.com. 

Choosing a domain name is very easy. There are so many services like Godaddy and Namecheap that provide you domain names for purchase.

Domain name specifications

  • The domain name you choose should be the name that can be easily digested by the people and it should not be complicated. 
  • Even though the length of the domain name does not do much for SEO but if the domain name is shorter you will have a good User experience.
  • The domain name you choose should not consist of extra characters like ‘_’, ‘@’, ‘$’, ‘&’, or any other, which will disturb the User experience.

If you have not yet purchased the domain name do not hurry. You can do it after reading the next point.

2. Choosing the Hosting

The hosting is the service that provides you with some space on the servers from which the data is loaded when your website address is typed in the search box. 

Many major things like speed depend on the server you choose for your particular website.

To start a website like Netflix, you need to have a server that helps you with the Optimisation for high-quality videos and subscription.

So for websites like Netflix, you can choose A2hosting as your hosting provider.

You can choose A2 hosting for your website because of the speed you will get.

In the A2 hosting, you can also get many other options like free SSL and free regular backups.

You can also get their awesome customer support anytime from the homepage.

a. Choosing the best plan in A2 hosting

Before you get started with your website you need to choose your best plan from the A2 hosting.

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You need to be very careful while choosing the plan from A2hosting or any other Hosting because you need to concentrate on the traffic that you would get for your website.

A2 hosting has four different hosting types like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, and reseller hosting. 

A2Hosting web hosting

As your website is a newbie and you may not experience full-on traffic for your website on the launch, you can choose a small plan like shared hosting for your website for a range of time on which traffic will grow. 

Once your website experiences good traffic you can choose their dedicated hosting.

You can select the amount of server you need and you can also select the amount of bandwidth you require in the dedicated hosting.

For every plan, you will be provided with a free domain name that you can use for registering the hosting.

This way, you need not purchase any other domain from other services. 

b. Purchasing the Hosting

Once we have chosen the best plan from the A2 hosting, click on the get the plan button on the page.

choose SWIFT plan

There you will find a place where you can enter your new domain name to register for your hosting.

After you enter the domain name choose the billing cycle and other options that you will find.

a2hosting discount applied

Once you have successfully chosen all the essential products from the plan you can checkout and enter all the details that are necessary and you can click on the Purchase button and pay. 

c. Setting up the hosting account

Once you have purchased the hosting from A2 hosting you will be getting your password and login for your Cpanel through the email.

Now you can access your hosting panel through these logins and you are ready to create your website by installing any kind of software for your website. 

3. Installing the WordPress

You can choose WordPress as your content management system where you can access all the features that you will modify for your website.

Here are the brief steps which you can follow to install WordPress for your domain.

  • In the Control Panel choose the Softaculous software in which you will find the WordPress install and click on install WordPress now button.
  • As your domain is the root domain for your hosting plan you need not add any other domains for your WordPress install.
  • Choose your username and password for your website and click on the install now button.

a. Install Theme 

Once you have installed WordPress software for your website you can choose the best theme and apply it in your WordPress site.

You can install the theme simply by clicking on the Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme – Choose File from WordPress dashboard. 

install theme

b. A best suitable theme for your website

We recommend you to use the Vodi theme from the Themeforest theme provider for your website.

vodi theme
  • This theme is specially made by the designers of ThemeForest to be optimized for websites like Netflix. 
  • In this theme, you will get 6 different demos of theme one of which you can choose for your website.
  • The Vodi theme has 47 Gutenberg blocks which are best suitable to edit web pages and this theme is specially made for video blogs and entertainment blogs.

c. Alternate themes

Some of the alternate themes for the Vodi theme are the Vayvo theme and SKRN theme. You can choose any of these things to build your website like Netflix. 

4. Setting up the blog

Once you have installed WordPress and the theme, you can proceed to the dashboard of the theme and you can modify your options as you like for your website.


Once you are all set with the CMS and the theme you can start uploading the video content for your website and start driving traffic for your website. 

One thing you need to remember before making a website like Netflix is that you are making a website like Netflix but not a duplicate of Netflix.

This is why you should not use the brand names in the domain like Netflix2.com or some other in your domain name.

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