Are you a new blogger or a seasoned pro? There are many things to consider before starting out, such as domain names, hosting, and social media platforms. So, what are the differences between these two groups of bloggers? In this article I tried to explain with a list different types of bloggers to understand which category you belong to. 

If you’ve got some experience behind you, then there shouldn’t be much difference between them. After all, they both share similar goals, i.e., writing interesting content and sharing it with their readers.

Different types of bloggers
Different types of bloggers

There aren’t really any major differences between the two. The main difference between the two groups lies in where they spend their time; new bloggers tend to focus more on building up their personal brand, whereas experienced bloggers usually focus on growing their audience and increasing their revenue.

There are many different types of bloggers. You could be blogging about anything ranging from politics to food, beauty, fashion, relationships, business, travel, movies, sports, technology, pets, religion, science, health, parenting, fitness, photography, etc. There are even some who blog only about their personal lives!

Different types of bloggers

Here are the basic categories of different types of bloggers and what each type of blogger falls under:

1. Personal Bloggers

These people create blogs about themselves or their own experiences. Some people may have a specific niche they’re trying to target. For example, if someone has a blog about travel, they wouldn’t post something unrelated to that topic. This person would write articles and/or stories about their travels.

2. Business Bloggers

These types of bloggers create blogs for businesses or companies. They often help these companies promote their products, give updates about their services, and highlight current events related to their industry. Business bloggers tend to have a huge reach, so they can sometimes get paid for the work they do.

3. Fashion Bloggers

Fashion blogs are great places to find inspiration. If you want to know how to style a certain item or need ideas for outfits, these kinds of blogs are perfect to browse. Oftentimes, fashion bloggers try out new clothes and styles and then let others know what they think about them.

4. Food Bloggers

I’m sure we’ve all seen those pictures of food bloggers eating amazing meals all over the world. These people don’t just eat; they take pictures of the dishes and share them with everyone else. Sometimes, they go on trips to eat new foods and experience new cultures.

5. Parenting Bloggers

These types make blogs about raising children, homeschooling, traveling, cooking, etc. Parenting blogs can range anywhere from being funny and entertaining to informative and helpful. Most of these bloggers try to encourage parents to raise good kids and be excellent role models. A lot of these websites teach children things like manners, values, morals, and respect.

6. Travel Bloggers

These bloggers love to travel around the world. They might blog about beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, local cuisines, and culture. Sometimes they’ll write posts about getting lost or having bad luck while exploring a city. If you enjoy reading about travel, then this kind of blog can be fun to read.

7. Fitness Bloggers

When it comes to exercise, there are tons of different ways to stay fit. From yoga to spinning classes, running to bodybuilding, there’s always a way for anyone to become healthier. Many fitness bloggers focus specifically on weight loss, bodybuilding, or working towards becoming stronger than ever before.

8. Lifestyle Bloggers

If you love going shopping and window shopping, this is the place for you. Lifestyle blogs are great because they showcase items that are aesthetically pleasing. Lifestyle blogs often feature clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, makeup, jewelry, home decorating, furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances, and gardening tools.

9. Product Reviewers

Some people review products online and give them a rating based on how well they work, how long it takes to use, etc. People who do this are known as product reviewers.

10. Recipe Bloggers

These people post recipes on their websites that people can either print off and use in their kitchens or save for later when they’re ready to cook. Recipes can vary from sweet treats to savory dishes, but essentially any type of meal can be categorized as a recipe.

11. Social Media Influencers

Let’s face it, social media isn’t just about posting selfies and sharing memes. There are lots of people out there who are making millions of dollars from their social media accounts. These types of bloggers aren’t afraid to speak out about topics they believe strongly in and push their opinions to others.

12. Celebrity Bloggers

Celebrities are known for their public image and personality, so it makes sense that they would have their own blogs. Celebrities generally write about things that affect their fans directly, including their daily activities, diets, workouts, beauty tips, and much more.

Final words

Bloggers can fall into three broad categories – writers, marketers, and publishers – based on what they are trying to achieve with their blog.

There are different ways to categorize them. For example, 

  • Writers tend to write about topics, while 
  • Marketers try to sell products or services. 
  • Publishers post content that is useful for readers regardless of whether they are looking for specific information.

These categories are important to understand if you want to develop an effective blogging strategy.

I hope this article on different types of bloggers helps you to understand more about your category in the blogosphere. 

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